Mountains #16 & #17 of #EpicRace -- Stuben & St. Christoph

Saturday, December 14, 2013

We had another FULL day of skiing to round out the final 2 resorts in Arlberg Austria.  We decided to ski the entire thing versus driving to one of the towns. So off we went... first to the top of St. Anton, and then one, VERY LONG run from the top to the bottom! It took us about 20 mins without stopping and skiing at a decent pace to get to the end.  We even went through a tunnel under the road, and then down the bottom of a ravine, all the way to the cute town of Stuben.  We got to walk through town a bit to head to the tourist office to get our stamp. It is such a tiny town!

We met up with a group of other EpicRacers to ski a few runs. The guys are all from Colorado and we're definitely looking forward to skiing with them later this season when we're back in the Rockies.

Apparently I jumped a little early...
We headed once again, from the bottom to the highest peak in Stuben for an incredible view. Unfortunately these photos don't really do the mountains justice for just how big and majestic they really are.  Once again, it was time to go down!  This time though we headed back towards another town of St. Christoph to check off our final mountain of the area.

A few chairlift rides later and we'd arrived. The chairlifts and infrastructure in general to move you around the mountain are pretty incredible.  They go up the steepest slopes, and craziest places you wouldn't expect a chairlift to run.

We met up with a different group of EpicRacers in St. Christoph for some skiing and of course, lunch! We ate at this awesome place on the mountain with some sausages, fries, and of course beer! Afterwards, we decided to head back towards our end of St. Anton. If only I could describe how much skiing we honestly did to get from one town to the other and back home!

Later that night, we met up with EpicRacers Joe and Steve who we've been meeting up with on and off throughout the race -- first in Northstar and then again in Canyons. We all headed out to dinner and drinks with a few other racers in the town of St. Anton. We had a great time catching up with everyone. We even met someone that knows my grandpa! What a small world! It was an excellent way to end our time in Austria. I honestly can't wait to go back and spend more time exploring those mountains when there is a bit more snow!

Lots of EpicRacers!

For the photo/video requirements, we completed the following:

1) Church in Stuben

2) Albonabahn

3) Albona Restaurant

1) Top of St. Christophbahn

2) Ski Austria Academy

3) Arlberg Taja

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