Mountain #7 of #EpicRace -- Vail

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Friday was a really special day of this journey because we were able to spend it skiing with my 90 year old Grandpa, Tim Tyler! Grandpa is the whole reason why I grew up skiing Vail and why we are subsequently competing to win a lifetime pass to Vail Resorts. He actually purchased a condo right in Vail when it first opened back in 1962 and with the purchase came 4 lifetime passes.  He was able to purchase an additional 2 passes for only $500 so that his family of 6 could all ski together on these passes.  What was supposed to be just a spot to use for Christmas, quickly became a frequent destination and the love affair with Vail began.  My mom grew up skiing the mountain and it is where I first learned to ski, and continued to be the only place I skied until I was 25!

It is a treat to get to ski with Grandpa so we were quite excited that we had the opportunity to ski with him on Friday.  While we were waiting for the rest of the family group of aunts/uncles to arrive, a Vail Resorts survey lady came up and asked Grandpa to participate in a quick survey.  It was quite a funny exchange...

Survey Lady: "What type of ticket are you skiing on today? Season Pass? Day Ticket?"

Grandpa: "Lifetime Pass"

Survey Lady: "A What?! I don't have a box for that!"

We had a blast skiing with a group of aunts/uncles my mom and of course Grandpa.  He even took us on his secret run but made us promise not to reveal it's location. :)

For the photo/video challenge at Vail, we completed the following items:

1)  Blue Sky Basin Overlook at the top of Northwoods Express Lift/High Noon Express

Had to get the whole family in!
(Marianne, Dave, Jess, Grandpa, Sam, Bob, and Peggy)

2) Top of Eagle's Nest looking toward Mount of the Holy Cross

3) Shot from top of Born Free Express Lift

This was definitely a highlight of the trip. Can't wait to get back to Colorado for some skiing in January with Grandpa and the rest of the family!

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