Mountain #10 of #EpicRace -- Heavenly

Thursday, December 5, 2013

We've been back in Tahoe for a few days now, and it's been a whirlwind of catching up on work and getting the house ready for our ski lease folks before we leave again tomorrow.  We were planning on trying to ski Heavenly on Monday, but alas it was closed on a wind hold. Tried again for Tuesday, but still closed for wind. Luckily we got a quick storm that rolled through on Tuesday and dropped some fresh snow! Not a ton, but some is better than none.

So yesterday morning we were finally able to hit the slopes on a gorgeous bluebird day with about 4-6" of new snow on the mountain. We quickly got over to the Gondola to get in line before it opened at 9am. You could tell it was a local's day based on the line waiting to go up and the chit chat about having to go in for work in a few hours.

Waiting to get on the Gondola

Did I mention it was cold? Really really cold? When we got up to the summit it was about 5 degrees out! The trees looked liked they'd been completely blasted with ice/snow creating a very pretty winter wonderland. We love getting to ski Heavenly, especially on clear blue skies like yesterday, and looking down on either Lake Tahoe or Carson Valley depending on which state you're skiing in. :)

Since it was so cold, we quickly got our checkpoints done before meeting up with our good friends Adam and Erin to take a few runs. For our photo/video checkpoints, we completed the following:

1) With a Ski Patrol avalanche rescue dog.

2) Next to the Mott Canyon sign.

Just slightly covered in ice/snow...

3) The Scenic Viewpoint on Cal Trail with Lake Tahoe in the background.

This view alone, makes the cold worth it!

Also, Heavenly featured us on their blog yesterday! Always nice to have your home mountain's support in this race! Check it out here.

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